Nuri Bundle 2


This bundle consists of the boday and bootay mini candles.

Pink Bootay and Yellow Bootay.

The Boday Candle and Bootay Candle

Purpose: home decor, ornamental and decorative. Handpoured in KwaZulu-Natal. She is not perfect and we hope you understand that. She does not burn long but she is smooth and soft. She takes 24 hours to make. If burnt, please place in a large dish to capture the melting wax.

Burn time: 30 & 45 minutes respectively.

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For our customers who want the best of both, we have created a bundle to make things just a little easier. The candles can come in the same colour or you can mix it up! All of our candles come in three colours but the boday and bootay have different scents and colours. Our intention with this bundle is to give our customers two candles that they can love and cherish.

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