Brown Bubbly


The Brown Bubbly 

Scent: Rose geranium and Bergamot

These beautiful decorative candles are the perfect touch for your bedside table, office, living room, or kitchen. They take 4 hours to make and are imperfect therefore may contain blemishes.

To burn, place in a dish that can capture the melting wax. When the wick gets halfway, the wax will begin to pour out onto the surface on which you are burning the candle.

Please follow our candle care instructions.

Weight: 14g

Dimensions: 5×5.5×5 cm



Nuri Candles contain a soy-palm and paraffin blend that has been tested thoroughly. We utilize cotton wicks that are waxed or unwaxed without compromising the experience of our candles. In blending our candles, we use aromatic fragrance oils which are synthetically made and as well as candle dyes. All of our candles are made in small batches, hand-poured, and require individual attention therefore they may contain blemishes and imperfections. However, we strive to improve with every pour.

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