White Bubbly


These beautiful decorative candles are the perfect touch for your bedside table, office, living room, or kitchen. They take 4 hours to make and are imperfect therefore may contain blemishes.

Purpose: home décor, ornamental, and decorative.

Notes: Ocean Mist & Cedarwood

Scent description: beachy, fresh, woodsy, citrus

Burn time: 45 minutes

Burn instructions: place in large dish that can capture the melting wax, trim the wick before lighting, extinguish your flame after five minutes, re-light and enjoy!

Weight: 14g

Dimensions: 5×5.5×5 cm



Nuri Candles contain soy, palm, and paraffin wax. Soy and palm wax are natural vegan waxes and paraffin helps to give her structure. In blending our candles, we utilize fragrance oils and dyes to create our perfectly imperfect candles. Each of our candles is hand-poured to the best of our abilities, but naturally, they may have some blemishes. However, we pride ourselves on improving ourselves with every pour.

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